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  • ronin-278 (at lighthouseapp)

    Other tools that help in- and off-table rpg gaming

    Been looking for some of these to see what it's being done and where we can improve ;-)

    • The MapTool looks interesting. DiceTool sucks, too many buttons, all you need is a textbox with autocomplete and a big bright "roll" button. InitTool could use a better UI, but looks good from the screenshot.
    • This one seems interesting, as it tries to tackle most of what I understand RDie aims to do, although for D&D only.

    I know that there was at least one more that I found once (it used google maps with custom tiles to display the campaign maps, which is how I found it in the first place). But I can't find it on google and it seems I didn't add it to my :-/

    Anyway, add any others that you know of :)

    Sunday Apr 06

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